We recently presented a special commemorative bottle of Outerbridges Original Sherry Peppers to several Bermuda dignitaries, in celebration of our first 50 years in business.

For such a small island (approximately 22 square miles) we are privileged to be a participant and witness to so many important historic events. Our 500 plus year history is rich in nautical tradition, and it was on the early sailing ships that “sherry pepper sauce” first came into use. Our founder Yeaton Outerbridge grew up in Bermuda, with an omnipresent decanter of the magic liquid on the family table. It was years later, through much experimentation, and trial and error, that the first bottles of the “Outerbridge Originals” version appeared on the tables of his brother Robbie’s local restaurant. The rest is history.

It’s amazing to think how a basement recipe and the hard work of our founder, Yeaton Outerbridge, have brought us so far so far. Today, our line of Outerbridge Gourmet Products are available internationally through our website, and enthusiastic fans the world over are enjoying “The Flavour and Fire of Bermuda”.